Sunday, February 6, 2011

Starting out the Year

I am the English teacher in our Dual Language Kindergarten classroom. So I teach in English to two groups of children. We call them the Lions and the Tigers. So I have the Lions in the morning and then we have the children switch rooms and I have the Tigers in the afternoon. Each quarter the children switch homerooms so that they will have those subjects in the opposite language! I know it is confusing but it really does work. The first two weeks of school we have the students in language groups based on their 1st or dominate language so we can explain rules, get them in a routine, and do some assessments. After the first two weeks the Spanish teacher and I get together and start deciding who should be a Lion and who should be a Tiger. We choose children who are good oral speakers to be the role models for each group. We also talk about students who are shy and who are a little naughty and place them in equal groups. (At least we hope so!) During those two weeks we do many activities with the children in both languages so that they realize that we are both their teachers and the rules are the same in each classroom. We are a 50/50 Dual language school. So that means that each child receives half of their instruction in English and half in Spanish. We have an equal mix of children (half are English speakers and half are Spanish speakers) and we also try to get an equal number of boys and girls. Are you confused yet? Well you should be! I can't tell you how much work it is but I absolutely LOVE it and the students are making wonderful progress!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! The Dual Language program at Irving is beneficial program. I have enjoyed watching the students as they have grown throughout the years! Can you believe your 1st class is in 4th grade!

    I look forward to following your blog! Enjoy! I've found blogging to be a wonderful way to reflect and grow as an educator! I look at everyday things in a whole different light. I love how much I learn about myself and education in general.


  2. Hi there- I had no idea what a dual language classroom would look like, so it was very interesting to read through your blog. Sounds challenging for both you and the kids, but what a great way to introduce them to languages!

    I love the blog and especially your Voki!

    Janna Dierks

  3. Hi-

    I have never heard of a dual language classroom! This sounds very interesting, and I could definitely see the benefits to the students, what a perfect time to begin learning a second language. I'm sure the beginning of the year is a little hectic for you and I'm sure until you got into a routine that works for both teachers it might be a little stressful. It would be for me anyway.

    The blog looks great!

    Lindsey Trost